​What is "Co owning"?

Co owning is popular with breeders who wish to keep show/breeding potential dogs in their breeding program, but, also recognize that keeping a large number of dogs in their home or kennel limits the amount of time that they can spend with their dogs and also does not allow the dogs to have a family of their own who will cherish them for life.  Unfortunately for breeders, we often keep too many dogs because we want to enhance the breed type, weed out potential health issues, stabilize temperament and continue to develop the best dogs we can.   It is in the best interest for some dogs to have their own homes, some of our dogs love living in a multi dog family and others tend to need more time and attention.   Co owning is essentially a partnership for a period of time set out in a contract between a family owner and the breeder that allows the breeder to grow up a puppy in a stable home environment where they can re assess the dog and possibly show and or breed for a set limited time period.  At the end of the contract period, the dog is retired, spayed or neutered and lives out the rest of their life with their family as a pet.  In my program, females are kept intact for two litters and do not exceede a period of four years from birth of the female.  As for stud dogs, I like to keep them intact up to the age of five years old, then they are neutered and retired.  If any of my dogs prove not to be show or breed worthy, do not pass their health testing, or there is some other reason not to use them, then they are retired from the program early and remain with their co own family as a pet.

What is in it for me, as a co owner?

​As a co owner, you get the very best i have to offer in a litter.  All health testing is covered by me including eye clearances, hip and elbow testing and any other genetic testing needed.  If the dog goes on to achieve a conformation title, you get bragging rights, or better yet, you can show your dog yourself and have lots of fun!  You can do other events like agility,obedience, dock diving, frisbee etc.  My dogs are not just for "show" and I encourage all kinds of other venues to have fun with your dog.  You may want a second dog down the road, maybe a son or daughter from the one you have, that is an option.  If you choose to show and pay for costs then there is a compensation package as well.  Every contract is made to fit with the needs and desires of both the breeder and co own family.  The cost of the puppy may be reduced depending on the terms of the contract or monetary compensation will be offered based on the litters produced.  Sometimes I will offer an older dog that I held back and have decided does not fit in well with my dogs here, or that individual dog really wants and needs their own home.