This page is dedicated to OUR most cherished companions of KEECAM.  Many of them are Champions, some are Performance Stars, and a few are Therapy dogs....but most importantly, they are all family!  Some of our dogs live with us in Consecon, and others live with co own families who have allowed us to keep them in our breeding program while providing a lifelong, loving home environment.  We could not do this without our co own families for which I am very grateful!

All of our dogs live in the house and in the heated and air conditioned kennel, on a rotational basis, so that they all get the love and attention they need and deserve!  We have a one acre fully fenced area for them to run and play every day and numerous smaller enclosures to ensure proper exercise and socialization.  As you will see from the many photos...our dogs go with us on excursions and enjoy lots of activities!  

Our breeding program is a lifelong commitment to improving the breed, which we strive to achieve, by earning titles in Conformation and Performance sports.  Conformation titles are not just about looking pretty, they are the result of having dogs that meet the breed standard in appearance, structure and temperament.  It is not always possible to title every dog since some live in co own homes and there is training involved in getting a dog "show ready", but we try to title the ones that live with us and our stud dogs.

Competing in Performance sports is fun!  Our companions have competed in agility, rally obedience, obedience, herding, flyball, disc, dock diving and soon we will be racing!   These events and titles prove our dogs have what they were bred to do, they can still work, and, have the correct temperament and drive to compete.  Please enjoy our photos and when you add one of these wonderful dogs (if you haven't already) to your family, you can send photos of your own for our "Photo Gallery" page!
                            OUR FIRST FOUR FOUNDATION DOGS.......

                 "MAGIC"          "BELLA"            "SADIE"                "SCOUT"