About Our Puppies.....

We have moved to an acreage in Prince Edward County, near Consecon, and our new puppy whelping area is still under construction (converted bedroom) so the pictures below are from last year, but we continue to provide our puppies with the same care and hope to have a new outdoor playground set up this summer!

The Whelping Room...

Every litter we produce is carefully planned with the purpose of improving the breed.  The Sire and Dam are carefully selected and fully health tested prior to breeding.  We scrutinize pedigrees, temperament, herding and play drive to match what we are looking for in each litter.  Once the breeding is confirmed and the Dam is getting close to her delivery date, she will be moved into the whelping room where she can become familiar with her surroundings and get comfortable.  

Birth to Three weeks....

Puppies are born in the whelping room, weighed daily to ensure weight gain and handled regularly.  From day 3 - 16, which is considered to be a critical period of rapid neurological growth and development, we perform exercises as part of the Bio Sensory program to develop early neurological stimulation.  For the first two weeks the puppies spend most of their time just eating and sleeping. 

Three weeks to Six weeks...

At around three weeks old, the puppies are moving around the whelping area, beginning to explore and play with their littermates.  Toys and stimulating surfaces are introduced to the puppies and the mother dog starts to leave more frequently to enjoy some time away from the puppies.  Litter boxes are set up with clean wood pellets to promote early potty training.  Puppies like to keep their bed area clean and it is amazing to see them start using the litter at such an early age.  By five weeks all of the puppies should be using the litter boxes regularly. Teething occurs from three to six weeks and they are mouthing every object they can get their little chompers into.!  At four weeks old, food is introduced, starting with some plain yogurt, then finely ground turkey mixed with oatmeal pablum.  Gradually, moist kibble is added and by five weeks the puppies are eating well.  Weaning is normally done by the mother dog who gradually nurses less and less.  We try to allow the mother dogs to naturally wean their puppies.  Between four to six weeks the puppies are also brought out to the play room to explore and venture out to new areas.

Six to eight weeks....

Puppies begin to gain some independence and are introduced to other areas of the house and outdoors.  Potty training continues outside during playtime.  Lots of socialization with other dogs in the house and some manners are taught as well.  This is a critical period of development where puppies begin to learn bite inhibition, rules of possession in the pack, discipline from the mother and older dogs and interaction with different members of the human family, friends, and visitors including children.  Puppies are taken for car rides, a visit to the veterinarian for first vaccination and health check up, they are micro chipped and introduced to collar and leash.  Treats are plentiful for puppies who learn to come when called, sit and just have fun playing!  The playroom is full of stimulating toys, tunnels, various surfaces, lots of noise etc

New Homes....

Puppies may go home any time between 8 weeks and 10 weeks of age.

Included with our puppies is the following:

- First vaccination and Health Record
- Micro Chip and Record (Lifetime)
- Copy of our Non Breeding Contract with 3 Year Genetic Health Guarantee
- Registration application for AKC
- Flash drive with pictures of parents, puppies, pedigrees, health tests of parents and lots      of resource material and e-books
- Puppy care package -  dog food, toys, bowl, blanket, collar, leash