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Khaleesi litter has arrived!!!  Born July 26/18  5 Tri males, 2 Tri females. 
Please inquire if you are interested in a puppy from her litter.

​"COURAGE" - BLACK TRI MALE - This handsome fellow is very focused, a "thinker" who rarely rushes into anything without assessing the situation first.  He has a happy-go-lucky personality, but, he has no problem letting you know when he wants something!.  Wonderful personality.   He will be flying to NFLD with his new owner.   RESERVED

"BRAVE" - Little "Bean" was born with a minor disability, he has some balance issues which cause him to sway off balance sometimes when he runs.  He is a very special boy with a very big heart and he tries so hard to keep up to the rest.  He has the grit and determination to compensate for his sometimes wonky looking gait.  Otherwise, he is as bright and playful as the rest and he really has no idea he is a little different!  He will be looking for a home that will fit his needs. BLACK TRI MALE  - ON HOLD
"LOKI" - RED TRI MALE -  "Mr. Cuddle bug" loves to be picked up for a quick snuggle and loves to give many kisses.  He is a very showy boy, prancing around like he owns the world.  He has nice focus (when he is offered treats) and is always ready to please.  RESERVED 
"BOLD" - BLACK TRI MALE  - "Mr. Adventure" loves to explore and is very outgoing, sometimes silly, and always ready for a good game of chase!  RESERVED  CW ELDORADO
"ARTY" - RED TRI MALE -   Love this boy's easy going personality, he is always ready for playtime.  He loves to cuddle and should be great with young children.  He is assessed show quality and may have a future in the show ring!  RESERVED - JN - OTTAWA, ON
"SPIRIT" - BLACK TRI FEMALE - She has medium play drive, beautiful movement and angles, a lovely show quality girl who will be living on the farm with her father, Titan, at Saddleup!   RESERVED
"SPUNK" - BLACK TRI FEMALE - This girl is appropriately named, she is a little spitfire!  She has lots of play drive, probably a little much for a home with small children.  I expect she will be quite small, 14-15" and 20-25lbs maximum.  AVAILABLE
The puppies in this litter are named for some of the values of the men and women who serve in the Military!
Grandpa, Rival!
"I wuv my little sista"!
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